The Science of Meditation

Welcome to the research database, blog and discussion forum for the study of the science of meditation. This website was originally the concept of a psychology undergraduate researching meditation but unable to find a one stop shop for relevant academic papers and other reliable material. This is a work in progress which began in August 2016. If you are aware of material that you think we should feature submit details here.

In common with many areas of scientific enquiry, different research findings concerning meditation can be; complimentary, happily coexist or may come into direct conflict. The role of this project is not to judge or favour any particular perspective, rather to create a coherent framework where research and other resources can be accessed and discussed.

We welcome feedback and contributions to the wider debate about all things meditation. But we would urge you to consider that at the time of writing  (August 2016) all activities and costs related to the website are born by volunteers professionally engaged with meditation and/or research, so it may take a short time for pages to be updated or correspondence dealt with.

Our editorial policy is to post a basic blog entry that corresponds to every record in our research database, to complete this task will take a significant amount of human resource so please bear with us. We will allow comments to be posted on every blog page but they will be moderated. It should be noted that The Science of Meditation has no control over the content of external websites, and every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the material we publish.