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How Much Does Science Know About Meditation?

Scientific understanding of meditation and mindfulness Continue reading

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The Great Divide – Non Dual/Dual Meditation

Author: Josipovic, Z. Year: 2014 Title: Neural correlates of nondual awareness in meditation Summary: Most experienced meditators engaged in traditional practices may have an understanding of nondual awareness (NDA). It is the state beyond the simple good-bad, my-your dichotomy that … Continue reading

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Putting the Meditator at the Centre of the Research

Do you meditate or practice mindfulness? I am currently undertaking an academic survey into meditation and wellbeing. I would like to ask meditators over the age of 18 to complete a short anonymous questionnaire about their practice (it should take … Continue reading

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Is Mindfulness Buddhist and Does its Social Context Matter?

Title: Is mindfulness Buddhist? (and why it matters) Author: Robert H. Sharf Year: 2015 Summary: Modern mindfulness meditation is often associated with the state of ‘bare attention’, paying attention in the moment, non judgementally but deliberately. This particular state is … Continue reading

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No Agreement over the Meaning of the Term Mindfulness

Title: What does mindfulness really mean? A canonical perspective Author: Bhikkhu Bodhi Year: 2011 Summary: The mindfulness movement is inextricably linked with Buddhism, both Buddhist teachings and meditation practice. It is then of particular interest when Buddhist scholars of the … Continue reading

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Does Meditation Need a Social Context?

Author: Laurence J. Kirmayer Year: 2015 Title: Mindfulness in Cultural Context Summary: Whilst western psychology has acknowledged the strong relationship that exists between the mindfulness movement and Buddhism. There appears to be a limited appreciation of the implications of social … Continue reading

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Mindfulness: Towards A Critical Relational Perspective

Author: Steven Stanley Year: 2013 Title: Mindfulness: Towards A Critical Relational Perspective Summary: This research acknowledges the increasing role of mindfulness in the west; enabling people to engage with new approaches to cope with issues connected to subjective wellbeing such … Continue reading

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