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Is Mindfulness Buddhist and Does its Social Context Matter?

Title: Is mindfulness Buddhist? (and why it matters) Author: Robert H. Sharf Year: 2015 Summary: Modern mindfulness meditation is often associated with the state of ‘bare attention’, paying attention in the moment, non judgementally but deliberately. This particular state is … Continue reading

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No Agreement over the Meaning of the Term Mindfulness

Title: What does mindfulness really mean? A canonical perspective Author: Bhikkhu Bodhi Year: 2011 Summary: The mindfulness movement is inextricably linked with Buddhism, both Buddhist teachings and meditation practice. It is then of particular interest when Buddhist scholars of the … Continue reading

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Conceptual and Methodological Challenges in Mindfulness and Meditation Research

Title: Conceptual and methodological issues in research on mindfulness and meditation. Authors: Davidson, Richard J.; Kaszniak, Alfred W. Year: 2015 Summary: Notwithstanding over 45 years of research into meditation there are growing concerns about conceptual and methodological challenges in this … Continue reading

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Reliability in the Definition of Mindfulness

Title: On Some Definitions of Mindfulness Author: Rupert Gethin Year: 2011 Summary: Rupert Gethin cites Rhys Davids as the first person to translate the concept of mindfulness from the Pali sati or the Sanskrit smrti, although he stresses subsequent difficulties … Continue reading

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Problems in the Definition of Mindfulness

Title: Is mindfulness present-centred and non-judgmental? A discussion of the cognitive dimensions of mindfulness Author: Georges Dreyfus Year: 2011 Summary: Amongst the issues that are publicly manifesting in the research of ‘mindfulness’ are fundamental problems achieving reliable and consistent understandings … Continue reading

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